A team of some of the finest technical and marketing talent on two continents has created a first-class, highly scalable social networking news site that will revolutionize voter education and engagement. A revolutionary user interface transforms how users explore and discuss issues they care about; consider and compare different perspectives; organize and leverage social media; and express their views to officials at the federal, state, and local levels. The goal of realizing the first true e-Democracy by instituting accountability on all stakeholders is now in reach.
Millions of articles from hundreds of leading publishers and policy groups offer diverse perspectives covering the entire ideological spectrum. Innovative features help users choose the left, right or centrist viewpoints they want to explore; discuss their views calmly with their inner circle, as neighbors, not talk show opponents looking for converts; and ultimately hold the officials they elected accountable.  

Our government - at all levels - needs to promise less and actually solve the challenges we face. As voters, we need to understand and learn more from each other and communicate those concerns to those we give the opportunity to represent us through elections. Trust in our public institutions is at an all time low. To restore trust, we need to find ways to work together and stop kicking the can down the road if we are to address the domestic and international challenges we face. As the unbiased umpire, AmericanDream is the e-Democracy platform that respects all perspectives, lets users choose what they read and discuss, and holds everyone accountable.

The site was launched as a private beta to allow for testing and development. It's also available to be reviewed by potential partners.  To learn more detailed information about the beta and explore partnering opportunities, please contact us at

PRIVATE BETA SITE: Main site and Login closed to the public.