A voter education and engagement platform is needed to
hold public officials and institutions accountable.

How can companies in business less than a decade completely change basic behavior and have more consumer trust than our system of government that's been around for two centuries? Uber has motivated millions of consumers to get into strangers cars instead of government licensed taxis. Airbnb persuades folks to stay in a stranger’s home rather than a heavily regulated hotel.  

Although serious concerns have been raised, Uber and Airbnb are democratizing access to services and facilities while politicians and special interest groups continue to alienate voters. Elected officials have a hard job. How can we all work better together to decrease the use of phony reform efforts, form letters, and false promises and actually start solving the challenges we face?

Until now, no one has created real access and accountability on our government at all levels – federal, state, and municipal. AmericanDream lets users be their own editor to choose whatever issue and viewpoint they want to explore and “vote” with each article they’ve read, poll taken, or discussion shared. Real citizen concerns are sent to legislators to help them get the full picture and hold them accountable every day, not just Election Day. 

It’s time to restore trust with an unbiased platform
you control based on
your voice, your vote, your future.


it's time to restore trust