Echo chambers like Drudge Report and HuffingtonPost
just push left and right partisans farther into their corners.
why be limited by what they determine you read? 

The current media landscape is mostly a divisive maze of echo chambers lacking diverse perspectives and dominated by anonymous trolls and personal attacks. We live on an information super highway full of off ramps where concerns are expressed, frustration mounts, but change rarely occurs. 

AmericanDream is fulfilling the promise of an e-Democracy by putting citizens back in the driver’s seat with a fully customizable, unbiased issue and discussion platform that provides:
  • Total control of your media experience to select whatever you want to read (left, right or centrist viewpoints) with functionality to help organize and access all of your issue interests and discussions on one platform. 
  • Hundreds of leading media sources (newspapers, magazines, blogs, broadcast and other news sites) help each citizen be their own editor.
  • Millions of articles organized into dozens of issue and topical categories that can be easily read and shared with game-changing discussion, search, bookmarking, and rating functionality.
  • Federal and state officials and dozens of options to discuss political parties, groups, and forums representing the entire ideological spectrum.

It's time for the Internet’s first true e-Democracy -

it's time for an unbiased umpire